Voices For Children CASA has moved!

New address: 6672 Gunpark Drive, Suite 100. Boulder, CO 80301

General inquiries can be directed to info@vfccasa.org or (303) 440-7059


VFC for Print--21 Nia Wassink
Executive Director
email: nia@vfccasa.org
direct: (303) 953-7492
Dana Headshot Dana Walters
Program Manager
email: dana@vfccasa.org
direct: (303) 953-7494
Adriana Hartley
Advocate Coordinator
email: adriana@vfccasa.org
direct: (303) 953-7493
Katie DePoy
Development and Administrative Coordinator
email: katie@vfccasa.org
direct: (303) 953-7491
Zephyr McConnell
Advocate Coordinator
email: zephyr@vfccasa.org
direct: (303) 442-2070

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Jill Kenney
Member since 2012

Jordan Bunch
Vice President
Member since 2013

Andre Becklund
Member since 2015

Alex Mikishko
Member since 2014


Board Members

Wendy Ahrendt
Member since 2013

Luiz Blanco-Bertolo
Member since 2016

Patricia Burgess
Member since 2016

LiMin DePenning
Member since 2016

Iona Mara-Drita
Member since 2017

Aria Martin-Ward
Member since 2016

Steve Peterson
Member since 2016